HA(u)TE COUTURE (theplatypus) wrote in secret_lj_crush,

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My feline love

I don't know how to tell her this .... but I have always loved Sarah catburglar from the moment I saw her ...... I remember how shy and yet so lovely she looked when she was randomly chosen as my debate partner in sophomore year English in high school ..... oh love - it was fate! .... why argue about cloning when we could reproduce naturally? .... if only it was possible ... oh love ...... and I have watched you from afar and yet you were so close .... oh love ..... you became one of my most cherished friends and I have watched you fall for others ... alas ... not I .... and yet I swoon with each step you take ... each breath you draw .... caress your lovely brown locks with my fingers .... I love you .... I want to see you across a field one lovely spring day in my arms ... oh love ... I love you.
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