Purrsnickety Snotty Cat (catburglar) wrote in secret_lj_crush,
Purrsnickety Snotty Cat

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Oh my!

I just accidentally happened to stumble upon this community when I behold before my eyes this terrible thing! Why someone has fallen in love with me but I am afraid I am in love with another.

I fear to post such a thing for I am breaking the rules of this community! After all my love was not through lj at all but rather through college, where I met Clark!!!

Alas, this lj lover of mine well....I'm afraid the only way I can break it to them is through this lj secret crush community, for lj is the link to their heart and it is my sincere hope that I do not break it!

Perhaps one day you will find your lover in a field of flowers ........ it is out there for all of us!
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