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Horse Training: Calm Your Horse With Sing Song

Horse Training: Calm Your Horse With Sing Song
 by: Andy Curry
Have you ever read, "Talking WithHorses." ?
It was written by a horse trainer named Henry Blake.
He's quite the horseman. He has aneat perspective about horses you should read about if you're interested in how totrain a horse.
There's something he does around hishorses that I really like - he calls it "Sing-Song".
He uses it to calm a frightened horse.
What he says in a sing-song, gentle voice is this:
"There's a clever, boy, there's a clever boy,there's clever little fellow".
That's it. That's all there is to it.
At first glimpse you may be tempted todiscount this nifty trick. But there's actuallysome mojo here.
Now this begs the question "Is it thewords that steady him? Is it the tone of voice? What is it?
First, the tone of voice is important.After all, if you said this in a threateningtone of voice it wouldn't calm him. Thus, thepleasant, gentle, calm voice is one of the keys.
Secondly, animals cannot speak a humanlanguage although they know certain words meancertain things once they're trained to it.
Plus, when the horse hears "There's aclever boy...." it has no meaning in the sensethat you want him to do something...although lateron it will have a meaning of "calm down, everythingis fine, you won't get hurt, I love you, etc."
Thus, I kind of think it's the rhythm of the words and repetition of it being saidover and over. It mesmerizes them.
I like to think of it as a sort of poetryfor horses. Often when us humans listen to poetrywritten in songs, stories, or what have you, the rhyming words reach out and grab you by the ear drumsand cause you to pay attention.
You tend to focus on what's being said and forget about what you were just thinking about.
Perhaps you have read some Dr. Suess books.His books exploded with rhymes. Often, the words thatrhymed were made up and made no sense. But they werecaptivating nonetheless.
And it's my humble, unscientific, professional,non-proven opinion that this is part of how this sing-songworks on horses.
Anyway, I thought you might like this valuable little gem. It's yet another technique onetrainer uses that others never heard of yet can add to their bag of tricks.
It's amazing what you can learn from differenthorse trainers because each has there unique things theydo.
That's why SuperStars of Horse Training exists.You learn from the best of the best of horse trainers.What they do with horses you can too after see what they show you.
To learn more go
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